What is the Flow Lab?

Think of the Flow Lab as your personal automation laboratory; a place to experiment with Flow and learn to create amazing processes.

Are you challenging yourself to become a more experienced Flow creator? The Flow Lab gives you a place to practice the skills you have and exercises to grow new skills.

You’ll find a series of use-cases, grouped by difficulty. Each use-case guides you through a sample solution, and suggests project enhancements to help you become a flow master.

Schedule A Flow to Delete Cases

Project Description The Flow Lab Inc. uses email-to-case to create support cases. This is great, but sometimes causes spam cases to be created. Users can set the status to “Spam”, but these cases need to be deleted on a regular…

Update Contact Address on Account Address Update

Project Description The Flow Lab Inc. updates the addresses on its Accounts frequently. However, the addresses of related contacts often get out of sync, causing confusion. Make sure contact addresses stay updated when an account address is changed. Project Preparation…

Treasure Hunt

Project Description The Flow Lab Inc. would like to gamify their Salesforce hygiene. Sales users can collect points when they update their Opportunity next steps to win each day! NOTE: This is a more complex project that involves custom objects,…